Local Filmmaker Making Movie Based on Bishop Thomas Gumbleton

December 17, 2014, 7:00 AM

Bishop Thomas Gumbleton

Local filmmaker Jasmine Rivera is making a movie based on local Bishop Thomas Gumbleton's work to integrate parishes and schools after the 1967 Detroit riots and his efforts bring about peace in the area.

Fox 2's Ingrid Kelley reports the movie, being filmed around town, is entitled: "Bishop Gumbleton - American Prophet."

"The movie is set in 1968 at the Archdiocese of Detroit," Rivera tells Fox 2.  "In the aftermath of the riots and this young man Thomas Gumbleton, becomes the youngest bishop in America.

"He's involved in the Archdiocese in terms of trying to integrate the parishes, to heal the communities after the riots of '67."

Gumbleton tells Fox 2 that he had many challenges to deal with back in the 1960s after the riots.

"I was in an administrative position with the Archdiocese and in some of the parishes, there were big problems happening over race questions," he said. "I had to do some of the intervention work of trying to bring people together."

Some people resisted his efforts, Fox 2 reports.

"As I recall, there were people shoving," Gumbleton said. "There were people shouting, acting out in a way, showing their anger, outrage. Some of that was focused against me."

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