‘The Legend Returns:’ Beer Fans Toast News of Stroh’s Pilsner Brewing in Detroit

June 13, 2016, 6:42 AM by  Alan Stamm

News that a variety of Stroh’s will be brewed in the city of its origin is by far our most-read coverage of the past week. (Sorry, New Urbanists – your conference here is second.) The beer post also is our most-shared on Facebook recently, passed along nearly 800 times in a day.

Word that Bohemian-Style Pilsner will be made in Southwest Detroit by a contract brewer brings cheers, nostalgia and humor from readers. More than 150 comments are on social media and under our linked summary Saturday of the scoop by Dustin Walsh of Crain’s Detroit Business.  

“Awesome,” posts Sally K. Sands of Mason, Mich., using a word deployed by others. “Woo-hoo” also echoes on our timelines.

Delbert Avery has a philosophical take, commenting:The circle of life.”

“Do we get Goebel back too?” quips journalist Mike Wilkinson.

A vintage Stroh's ad. (Facebook photos)


And Frances Stroh of San Francisco, a fifth-generation descendant of 1850 founder Bernhard Stroh, tweets Sunday afternoon with our link: “This is the best news I’ve heard in a long time.”

We compile examples of enthusiasm, starting with a colorful recollection from financial adviser Briant Sikorski of Cary, N.C., who graduated from the University of Michigan in 1977 and added an Oakland University master’s of business administration degree after six years at General Motors:

When I was a senior in college at U of M, I applied for a number of internships, including one in the Chemistry Department at Stroh's. I arrived for my 8 a.m. start of a series of interviews with various managers. The interviews finally ended around lunchtime and a few of the managers and their employees invited me to lunch at the Stroh's "Hospitality House." I grabbed a seat as a couple of them left and came back with 4 pitchers of beer. . . .

I had not eaten breakfast, nor had we been served lunch yet. However, not wanting to insult these guys, I drank a bit of the beer, which turned into about four glasses over lunch. When we got up to leave I did a have a bit of "wobble" in my walk, which was noticed by one of the managers who laughed and said: "You'll fit right in here." However, I accepted an internship at General Motors instead.  

Here’s how others react, including some who seem to asume more than one type of Stroh’s is coming home:

► Open up my computer, this is the first thing I see. Life is good. -- Hugo Truscello, Lambertville, Mich.

► Looking forward to it! – Tom Condino, Royal Oak


► This is great for Detroit. -- Todd Ivey Sr.

► The legend returns. -- Norbert Joseph Kuhr III

► You CAN come home again! -- Rachelle Binkley, Maumee, Ohio

► I remember [a friend] telling an 18-year-old me about when Stroh’s was made in Detroit and how it was way better back then. – Mark Christopher

► Awesome news! My buddy’s dad, the late Peter Blum (check out "Brewed in Detroit"), would be proud! -- Mike, Detroit

► I remember my great-uncle Fred, smoking filterless Camels and sucking down longneck bottles of Stroh’s in the summer. – Dennis Laycock, Shelby Township

► When we were young, we loved going to the brewery for the tour, a free beer and the nice gift shop. I wish I still had my navy blue V-necked sweater with the Stroh's logo on it. -- Michele Donaldson, Detroit

► I wish they'd bring back Stroh's Signature. I used to LOVE that beer on a hot summer's day on the boat or at the pool or wherever! – Ken Brush, Detroit

► In the meantime, try Motor City Bohemian Lager. The closest thing I've tasted to the Stroh's I remember. – Harry Palmer

► My grandfather George used to buy it by the case. -- Jeffrey Wixson, Deltona, Fla. (Ferndale native)

► I remember as a kid doing the tour of the Stroh’s plant, and they even gave samples!!! – Russ Washburn

► The official beer of high school. – Anonymous

► Woo-hoo!!! My beer is coming back!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Brings me back to my pre-legal drinking days. – Bill Kaminski

► Let's hope it's the good stuff that Stroh's made years earlier, not that watered-down swill that they made for the last 10-15 years of their existence. – Paul Smielewski, Lake Orion

The partial homecoming "brings me back to my pre-legal drinking days," Bill Kaminski posts on Facebook..

► When I was in law school at Wayne State I would go to Eastern Market on Saturday morning . . . and buy food for the week. We would stop at the Stroh brewery and get a couple of cases of seconds (crooked labels and such). -- Craig Kepler, Minneapolis 

Yessssssss. – Adam Woodhead, Birmingham

► Woo-hoo. -- Ian G. Duncan

► Good to hear they are back. – Marlene Spencer

► Brings back memories of my school years back in Michigan. – Todd Wilson

► Awesome news. – Tom Wigen

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