Deadline Detroit Launches $3 Membership: Support Independent Journalism and Win Prizes

December 13, 2019, 7:25 AM

Independent, local journalism is more important than ever. As corporate media outlets shrink local staff, news organizations like Deadline Detroit play an increasingly important role in reporting the news and challenging the conventional narrative. 

To serve our readers, we rely partly on advertising, but that’s not enough. So, we’re asking that you sign up for our new membership for $3 a month. We could tell you that that's the cost of a cup of coffee. But we won't bore you or break it down into how little that is per day you read Deadline Detroit. (Frankly, we're not even sure. We went into journalism because we're bad at math.) As an alternative, we're also encouraging one-time donations to help us deliver first-rate journalism.  

Members will be eligible to win monthly prizes that include gift cards to some of Detroit's best restaurants, Starbucks cards and tickets to sporting events. One-time donors will be eligible for the month they donated. Those donating $36 or more will get a one year membership. There will be a random drawing for prizes monthly, starting in January. (See January's prizes below.)

Since 2012, Deadline Detroit has served the community and held those in power accountable. We've broken stories and taken on pressing issues like Detroit's foreclosure crisis, poor police and EMS response times and public health matters. In addition to our original reporting, everyday we curate the best content from around the region to keep you in the know.  

Thanks for supporting us and helping preserve an independent voice at a time when reliable news is more important than ever. 

We’re grateful for your support. 

All the best,
the Deadline Detroit staff


Prizes for January

► Two courtside tickets for a Pistons game on Monday, Jan. 27 against the Cleveland Cavaliers (includes parking passes)

► Two courtside tickets for a Pistons game on Monday, Jan. 27 against the Cleveland Cavaliers  (includes parking passes)

Restaurant gift cards

► London Chop House: 155 W. Congress, Detroit 

► American Coney Island: 114 W. Lafayette, Detroit 

► Wright & Company: 1500 Woodward, Floor 2, Detroit 

► Babo Detroit: 15 E. Kirby, Suite 115, Detroit 

Five Starbucks cards

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