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Detroit Digest: A dessert tour samples traditions in Detroit, Dearborn and Oak Park

December 31, 2019, 7:09 AM

If you're like Carlos Parisi and Kyle Sammy -- and most hearty eaters -- there's always room for dessert.

So the pastry-craving hosts of Deadline TV's monthly "Detroit Digest" visited a popular coffeeshop and three bakeries for holiday season tastings. Sweet gig, right?

Carlos Parisi and Kyle Sammy at Dearborn's Shatila Bakery.

Their first stop is Anthology Coffee, 1948 Division St. in the Eastern Market area, where the guys began with Mexican hot choloate cookies made by co-owner Annie Longsdorf. "At the very end, you get the back-of-the-palate heat," says Parisi.

Next on the sugar-overload circuit is Mexicantown Bakery, a longtime family business run by Omar Hernandez at 4300 Vernor Hwy. in Southwest Detroit. Treats sampled include carmel churros, strawberry cheesecake, cannoli and traditional tres leches (milk cake).

At Shatila Bakery, 14300 W. Warren Ave. in Dearborn, our team's plates include knafeh -- warm cheese with phyllo dough crust, grated pistachios and rose water on the side. "I never thought of cheese being a dessert unless it's cream cheese," Sammy says before getting pleasantly acquainted with "real cheese meets sugar."

The fourth destination is Zeman's Bakery, 25258 Greenfield Rd. in Oak Park, for two types of Hanukkah cookies and a seven-layer cake slice.

And yes, the tough-job sacrifice of bringing you this roundup means our hosts need to hit the gym for extended workouts this week. Take a look to see why:

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