Michigan's LSSU: Drop these 13 words and phrases in 2020

January 02, 2020, 10:32 PM

Lake Superior State University in the Upper Peninsula has released its annual list of words and phrases "banished from the queen’s English for misuse, overuse and general uselessness." 

"Quid pro quo" tops this year's list, compiled by the school's English department based on nominations from the public. Also banished are "artisanal," "curated" and "influencer" — words LSSU staff say attempt to make something more than it is.

"Literally," "I mean," "living my best life," and "mouthfeel" are out too, for their pretentiousness or imprecision. Foodies use that last one to describe a sensation from eating or drinking.

Millennial colloquialisms round out the list, presumably for just being annoying. LSSU has taken the added step of defining those banished for all you boomers out there: 

Chirp: This one is a new insult for the non-millennials on the committee. Before we get chirped for being out of touch, as our nominator suggests, why don’t we leave it to the birds?

Jelly: An abbreviation of “jealous,” the committee agrees with the nominator of this word who suggested that it’s better left for toast.

Totes: Another abbreviation, this time of “totally.” Totes overused.

Vibe / vibe check: A new use of the 60s term, “good vibes.” This one just doesn’t vibe with us anymore, unless the speaker is actually vibrating.

OK, Boomer: This phrase caught on late this year on the Internet as a response from millennials to the older generation. Boomers may remember, however, that generational tension is always present. In fact, it was the Boomers who gave us the declaration: “Don’t trust anyone over 30!”

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