Gruesome Details Emerge in Michigan Grindr Murder

January 06, 2020, 4:58 PM
Mark Latunski

A Shiawassee County man charged with murdering a 25-year-old he connected with on the dating app Grindr allegedly cut off and ate the young man's genitals, MLive reports.

It's one of several gruesome details to emerge in court transcripts detailing Mark Latunski's killing of Kevin Bacon, whose body was discovered in Latunski's Bennington Township home Dec. 28.

Latunski is charged with murder and mutilation.

From MLive:

Bacon was found dead hanging from the ceiling ... Officers conducted an interview with Latunski on the morning of Dec. 28. Latunski allowed them to enter and search his home. Latunski admitted to killing Bacon by stabbing him in the back and then slitting his throat.

After, Latunski admitted to tying a rope around Bacon’s ankles and hanging him up from the rafters on the ceiling. He also admitted to using the knife to cut off Bacon’s testicles and later eating them, the police testimony says.

Latunski may have a history of mental illness. At his video arraignment Monday, MLive reports he told a judge that he was not Mark Latunski, but rather an “Edgar Thomas Hill.” Latunkski, he said, was his nephew.

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