Orthodox Jewish family removed from flight to Detroit for body odor

January 31, 2020, 8:17 AM

A Michigan Orthodox Jewish family that was removed from a flight to Detroit for body odor is suing American Airlines for discrimination, the Free Press reports.

The parents and their 19-month-old reportedly were pulled off the plane leaving from Miami last January shortly after sitting down. Initially, the flight crew cited an emergency, then later told the couple it was due to body odor and at the instruction of the pilot.

The suit alleges a gate agent said Orthodox Jews only take baths once a week. The family had showered that day, the legal filing says.

American Airlines doesn't deny removing the family over a stench. A statement Thursday said it was responding to passenger complaints and that the family was taken care of with "hotel accommodations and meals, and rebooked" on a flight leaving the next morning.   

“None of the decisions made by our team in handling this sensitive situation were based on the Adler’s (sic) religion.”

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