Deadline Detroit Membership: Winners of Wings Tickets, Restaurant Cards, Lunch With LeDuff

February 06, 2020, 12:27 AM

This marks our second drawing since we launched Deadline Detroit's membership program.

The idea is for readers to help support local, independent journalism and for us in turn to show our thanks with a monthly random drawing for prizes. The latest winners are listed below.

If you're not a $3 a month member yet, click here to sign up. We appreciate your support.


► Lunch with columnist Charlie LeDuff -- Francis Grunow

Red Wings tickets

► Two clubhouse-level seats and parking -- Harry Kalogerakos

► A pair seats at clubhouse level -- Sean O'Donohue


 Takoi: 2520 Michigan Ave., Detroit -- Jeff Laski ($50)

 Grand Trunk Pub: 612 Woodward Ave., Detroit-- Jerry Paffendorf ($50)

 Marble Bar: 1501 Holden St., Detroit -- Kate Ben Ami ($50)

 Wright & Company: 1500 Woodward Ave., Detroit -- Francis Cuncich ($50) 

Five Starbucks cards ($10 each)

* Laura Berman

* Ira Todd

* Jon De Martinis

* Cynthia Brody

* Lori Fournier 

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