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The shot you didn't know you need: Pączki vodka from Detroit City Distillery

February 12, 2020, 9:08 AM

(Photo: Detroit City Distillery)

It sounds like a joke. Also an imaginative marketing match.

Detroit City Distillery next week revives Pączki Day Vodka, just in time for Fat Tuesday. "We procured 12 dozen of Hamtramck's finest raspberry pączki from New Palace Bakery and distilled them in 100% potato vodka straight from Poland," the Eastern Market craft distiller posts.

A release party is scheduled Feb. 22, a Saturday, from 10 a.m. to midnight at the distillery, 2462 Riopelle St. "Expect plenty of ice-cold vodka shots, a special pączki cocktail and polish eats from our friends at Pietrzyk's Pierogi," says the event listing.

Those who like the 88 proof liquor-pastry mashup can buy a bottle for $30 until Pączki Day on Feb. 25.

"It tastes not only like fresh, sweet raspberries, but also has notes of bread or pastry," Melody Baetens writes at The Detroit News. "At 44% alcohol, it's very strong, but easy enough to sip on."

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