Vandals hit Bloomberg's Michigan offices, calling candidate a 'corporate pig'

February 24, 2020, 3:24 PM by  Jack Thomas

Flint campaign office. (Photo: Bloomberg campaign)

Is name-calling a billionaire a hate crime? Michael Bloomberg's campaign seems to think so. 

Team Bloomberg took to Twitter Monday to decry the defacing of several of his Midwest offices, including two in Michigan. Spray-painted messages say "racist," "sexist," "cop," and "oligarch."


Bloomberg's Ann Arbor campaign office. (Photo: Team Bloomberg)

The presidential candidate’s Ann Arbor and Flint offices were hit earlier this month. In Ann Arbor, vandals sprayed “corporate pig” in giant letters on the front windows. In Flint, they covered a Bloomberg 2020 sign with paper that said “Eat the Rich.”

A Sunday incident in Chicago — which featured the dreaded O-word — appeared to be the final straw. Bloomberg's campaign called it an "act of hate" in a Twitter thread detailing about a half-dozen similar incidents.

Police haven't found the culprits, but campaign manager Kevin Sheekey suspects Bernie bros are to blame.

“We cannot, and will not, tolerate these acts." -- Kevin Sheekey, campaign manager

"While we do not know who is directly responsible, we do know Senator Bernie Sanders and his campaign have repeatedly invoked this language, and the word 'oligarch' specifically when discussing Mike Bloomberg and his campaign," he wrote in a statement.

“Sen. Sanders’ refusal to denounce these illegal acts is a sign of his inability to lead, and his willingness to condone and promote Trump-like rhetoric has no place in our politics. Fortunately, no one has been injured. But this needs to end before someone gets hurt."

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