'Just live life' says Detroiter in second COVID-19 quarantine

March 01, 2020, 8:05 AM

Detroiter Rosalind McDavid thought she was taking the trip of a lifetime, and found herself on the now-notorious Diamond Princess, one of the cruise ships at the center of the novel coronavirus, or COVID-19, outbreak in Asia. 

Rosalind McDavid: "I hate to worry." (Photo: Facebook)

And to be sure, it sounds like she and her siblings were having a pretty great time visiting the far east, revisiting their memories of when their father was stationed in Okinawa as an American serviceman. That's according to a Free Press interview with McDavid from her second coronavirus quarantine, at Travis Air Force Base in Fairfield, Calif. At least, they were having fun before the disease was found aboard the ship in a fellow passenger. Since then, it's been long lines and lots of temperature-taking. She hasn't been home for more than a month.

First, passengers were quarantined for 12 days aboard the Diamond Princess, to keep any more from carrying the infectious disease onto land again. Then Americans were flown to Travis AFB to serve out another quarantine. 

McDavid, 72, says she feels "great," and brings a certain what-can-you-do cheer to the whole experience. She told the Freep:

"I hate to worry. So I just pray ... and I just kept taking my temperature. ... I taught myself, don't worry. I just live life."

Remember Rosalind McDavid as the situation evolves here. Just live life! Cough into your elbow, and wash your hands. And if you want to hear more about what McDavid and her siblings saw in Asia, read the Freep story

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