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March 17, 2020, 12:03 AM

Just like that, it's like a Talking Heads song around here, amirite?

"Life During Lockdown," maybe: Heard about Houston, heard about Detroit?

We're doing better than San Francisco (for now). We're doing worse than the Upper Peninsula (maybe). But we're hanging in there, in the Nothing Stops Detroit tradition. 

Here at Deadline Detroit, we've been keeping busy, too. We sent Violet Ikonomova out on Sunday to stand a good double arms' length from revelers in Corktown, bound and determined to celebrate (hic) St. Patrick's Day the way they always do, and defy common sense. She stood in Nemo's doorway to get the photo.

Our point: At a time when a new virus is racing through the world, we went out to tell you about it. (Quote of the day from one of the revelers: “Even my Jeep, on the back, says ‘one life, live it.’” Dude.)

The following day, we kept up with the escalating closings: Bars and restaurants, casinos, gyms, offices. Charlie LeDuff reminded us of that cesspit we call the Wayne County Jail. And we have an interview with an infectious disease expert reminding us this might last a while. With more coverage to come daily.

We're doing all this with a tiny staff. We eat most lunches at our desk. Our offices aren't fancy (that's an understatemen); the White Boy Rick original on the wall is probably the nicest thing. But we keep coming to work because we're a little bit crazy, and also, because it's fun to chase news. It's fun to bring you guys a story. 

So yeah, we're about to ask you for something.

We'd like you to consider Deadline Detroit membership. It doesn't cost much -- as little as $3 a month.

We draw names from our member ranks every month for gift card giveaways, to restaurants, to Starbucks. Sporting-event tickets. Granted, these venues may be offline for a while -- but we have confidence they'll be back. This is Detroit, after all. And if we can't send you to Wright and Co. or Mootz Pizzeria with a gift card in your pocket, we'll think of something else.

We all work hard, but we do it for you. Can you do a little something for us? 

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Potd_img_5271_561 Peaceful protest in front of the Manoogian Mansion in downtown Detroit last night

By: Michael Lucido