Contagious humor: 'How long does toilet paper last in the freezer?'

March 24, 2020, 9:04 PM

Can't be too careful about hygiene these days, everywhere and with everything. (Photo: Instagram/Colin McConnell)

Time for a few distractions from That Thing, lighthearted diversions from scary stuff that competes for attention as birds sing, perennials poke out and lawns thicken.

Surely we can respect a deadly threat beyond our bunkers and still appreciate witty riffs on the bizarre absurdity of it all.

So these items are shared as a check-up on your sense of humor:

► "Does anyone know how long toilet paper will last if you freeze it?" -- Alistair Wilson, Birmingham (on Facebook)

► A sheltering-in-place baby boom will bring a generation of quaranteens next decade.

► Even those who aren't faithful give up a lot for Lent this year -- sports, bargoing, dining out, gym workouts, school.

► We're living our teen years in reverse -- nagging our parents about going out.

► "No, we are not booking a cruise with our stimulus check." -- Wife to husband in syndicated editorial page cartoon by Dave Granlund

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