Gallery: A teddy bear scavenger hunt in Detroit's Woodbridge Neighborhood

March 25, 2020, 11:42 PM by  Michael Lucido

The Woodbridge community cooperated to create a fun experience for children and passers-by as they shelter in place.

It was a teddy-bear scavenger hunt for strollers enjoying the beautiful day outside. Participating residents placed teddy bears and other stuffies in their windows and on their porches for children and their parents to spot.

Photos by Michael Lucido

The Gorgon family enjoying the teddy bear hunt.

Beautiful Woodbridge homes were part of the attraction for adults.

A message from the inmates

The Mantais family went looking for the bears.

Books were also a way for many to enjoy the sunny afternoon.

Ashleigh with her daughter, Doris, enjoying a scooter ride and the bears.

Rachelle and Tyler enjoying each other's company at a distance.






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