Gallery: Motorists Roll onto Detroit's Belle Isle Sunday, Looking for Relief

March 29, 2020, 4:39 PM by  Allan Lengel

On a blustery Sunday with intermittent sun and temps mostly in the 50s, motorists and cyclists rolled through Belle Isle looking to appreicate one of Detroit's gems during one of the city's -- and nation's -- more challenging times.

Many motorists stayed in their parked cars, looking out at the Detroit River. Others took a drive through the park, while a smattering of folks strolled, jogged, biked or walked  dogs.

Thankfully, the only living beings on the island not practicing safe social distancing were the geese and ducks.   

                                    Photos by Allan Lengel 

Many people didn't bother getting out of their cars.

No worries, it's like a walk in the park

There were some joggers, but not that many on this windy day.

The only ones on the island not practicing safe social distancing.

A reminder that all is not well.

Dog walking on a windy day.

Bikers had a challenge riding up against strong winds.

One of the beautiful gems of the park.




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