Detroit journalist M.L. Elrick Tests Positive for COVID-19

April 03, 2020, 5:00 PM

M.L. Elrick: "My doctor finally wrote me a prescription to get tested." (Fox 2 photo)

M.L. Elrick, a former Fox 2 Detroit reporter who's now back at the Detroit Free Press, has tested positive for COVID-19.

Elrick is recovering at home. He told Deadline Detroit Friday afternoon that he's improving, but still feels sick. 

In a story published Friday in the Freep before he learned of the positive test, Elrick wrote:

I've been hacking since early February, or before the dreaded "unproductive cough" became a telltale sign of coronavirus infection. Numerous medical professionals assured me it was not the virus, but when my temperature hit 100 degrees last Friday, my doctor finally wrote me a prescription to get tested.

I'd written just a couple days before about the city of Detroit's new drive-through testing site, but I had heard a local hospital was giving tests without an appointment. So, after my wife picked up my prescription — the doctor's office ran it out to her in the parking lot — I dragged myself out of bed and drove out to get tested.

On his latest podcast, "ML Soul of Detroit," he talks about feeling ill and getting tested.

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