LeDuff: Detroit Warrant Issued for David Fortuck, the Covid-Infected Fugitive

April 29, 2020, 4:58 PM by  Charlie LeDuff

David Fortuck: "Are they going to take my plea deal away?" (Photo: Michigan Department of Corrections)

A warrant has been issued for the arrest of David Arthur Fortuck.

The one-lung bipolar COVID bomb, who was given up for dead by the Wayne County Sheriff's Department, only to make a miraculous recovery, disappeared into general society last week, spreading virus vapors wherever he went. 

Fortuck, who is currently convalescing in an undisclosed location, was reached Wednesday afternoon by burner phone.

“I'm thinking of turning myself in,” he said. “But if I do, are they going to take my plea deal away?”

Calls to his case judge and the prosecutor's office went unreturned. The sherrif's office confirmed the warrant, but did not specify which judge signed it, or why. 

Fortuck, 53, was waiting to be sentenced to 3 to 15 years in the state penitentiary for armed-robbery, when he contracted the lung disease at the Wayne County Jail.

He was taken to Harper Hospital in Midtown Detroit last week, where he was shackled by his ankles to a gurney. His condition rapidly deteriorated, made worse by the fact that he has only one lung.

When it appeared as though his demise was imminent, the leg shackles were removed, discharge papers were set on a side chair, and the armed guards vanished.

Fortuck made a miraculous recovery, and realizing his turn of fortune, begged a hasty retreat from the COVID ward. That was last Friday night.

Trevious Lane-French at home, worried about a knock on the door.

Curiously, Fortuck's discharge papers were signed by nobody: not by Fortuck himself, nor by his lawyer, nor by any person from the sheriff's department, raising the legal question as to whether Fortuck is actually a fugitive from the law or simply a victim of official incompetence.

A special unit of sheriff's deputies swept down on the east side home of Trevious Lane-French, Wednesday afternoon, the place of Fortuck's last known address. 

Ms. Lane-French whose name and quotations appeared in this column space chronicling the misadventures of 'Hard Luck' Fortuck, said she was pulled-over on false pretenses by sheriff's deputies.

“They said I was speeding and then showed me his picture,” she said. “I mean they're not the speeding police. Why didn't they just knock on my door?”


LeDuff: Wayne County Sheriff Released a Covid-Infected, One-Lung Felon. He Made His Getaway by Bus.


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