LeDuff: One-Lung Fortuck, the Detroit Covid Fugitive, Is Captured

April 30, 2020, 12:17 PM by  Charlie LeDuff

The ballad of One-Lung Fortuck ended not in a bang, but a bathtub.

The Covid-carrying fugitive was captured early Thursday morning with his pants down; his early morning shower interrupted by gun-wielding sheriff's deputies.

David Arthur Fortuck was taken into custody at approximately half-past-one in the morning, after conniving his way into the Detroit home of a longtime friend, which was being watched.

“He knocked on my door and begged to use the shower,” said Trevious Lane-French. “I didn't want any trouble, so I let him. Then he started knocking on my bedroom door, where I was hiding from him. I told him if he opened it, there was going to be trouble.”

Lane-French had purchased a 9mm handgun just last week, after Fortuck – who is also bipolar and known for fits of anger – informed her that he was on the lam.

Trevious Lane-French at home, worried about a knock on the door 

Fortuck, 53, had been awaiting sentencing on an armed-robbery conviction when he fell ill with Covid-19 at the Wayne County Jail in Detroit.

He was taken to Harper Hospital, where Fortuck's health rapidly unraveled. He was left for dead by sheriff's officials, unshackled from the gurney, and issued discharge papers. 

Unexpected recovery

Making a marvelous recovery, and seeing he was no longer being guarded, Fortuck beat it for freedom. He described his week-long odyssey as one of motel rooms, gas station sandwiches and free bus rides. He promised he would not turn himself in. He promised to make a beeline for the state line.

Radioactive with the lung disease, it is unknown how many people he may have infected.

While Fortuck was enjoying his hot shower, Thursday morning, a second knock came to door of Ms. Lane-French. It was sheriff's deputies with filter masks on and hand guns drawn. 

“They were real respectful,” said Lane-French. “They were very nice to tell you the truth.”

Fortuck was ordered to dress. He was masked, handcuffed and driven downtown to the county jail for re-processing, breathing on the deputies the whole way.

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