Life groans on: Humor isn't a virus cure, but is a healthy thing

May 08, 2020, 7:44 PM by  Alan Stamm

Comic relief isn't an antidote for the disease that lacks one, but is a reminder that silliness survives as life groans on.

So here's a third set of what we've called contagious humor and viral humor. (Yes, our motto is No Pun Left Behind.)

Halloween quips fly now that face masks are as common as earbuds and Detroit Tigers caps: 

In another reply, Mark Nelson of New York tells Nocera: "Real life became Halloween.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer opens the way for funny business with six color-changing stages for restarting activities and businesses -- which one of our Twitter followers, J.D. (@TheSmak), calls "the Michigan mood ring." 


First-term state Sen. Mallory McMorrow, D-Royal Oak, endorses the governor's "Safe Start" plan by posting the gif at right with this tweet: "We need a pandemic Smokey the Bear mascot. 'Only YOU can prevent coronavirus spread and get to Phase 4.'"

An admiring new nickname for Whitmer zips onto shirts as fast as an instant meme:  

Shirts from (top), AlibellBoutique of Orlando on Etsy (bottom left) and VelocityTees of Grand Blanc on Etsy.

From Lansing, an MLive news service reporter tweets frankly and amusingly:


Lastly, the mail-order novelties at right show how Texas baker Haley Callaway of Haley Cakes and Cookies in Austin turns the bitterness of 2020 into sweet treats.

Earlier installments:

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