Duggan: I Don't Think We'll See Detroit Casinos and Restaurants Full Until There's a Vaccine

May 15, 2020, 7:51 AM

Mayor Mike Duggan (Photo: Michael Lucido)

Talking about the challenges of bouncing back from the pandemic, Mayor Mike Duggan shares his thoughts on the future of Detroit casinos and restaurants.

"I wouldn't be surprised if later this year you have restaurants and casinos opening at a third of capacity and you've got people spaced six feet apart and a lot of cleaning protocols and people wearing masks," he tells WDIV's Kimberly Gill.

"I don't think you'll see them fully occupied until a vaccine is developed, and I think that's probably a year away." 

Duggan was also asked about concerns of a second wave as predicted by White House adviser Anthony Fauci, a physician. 

"You prevent a second wave by bringing people back in a medically appropriate way. So, I've been going to work everyday for weeks. I wear a mask, my temperature is checked every morning when I come in. We keep distance from each other.

"It is absolutely possible to reopen most businesses in a medically safe way. And if we do that, we'll be fine. And if go back to huge crowds in the parks and that kind of thing, it will spark back up." 

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