$3 a month: Deadline Detroit members sustain local journalism at a vital time

May 17, 2020, 7:21 AM

Call it a gracious gesture . . . or upholding a honor system . . . or showing that a site worth reading is worth supporting.


However it's framed, we invite you to join other readers who become Deadline Detroit members to confirm appreciation for a daily flow of original reporting, commentary and linked news roundups.

For at least $3 a month, or a one-time donation, a growing number of loyalists say this unlimited-access local media site delivers value. It's heartening to see thankfulness for independent local journalism by our professionals. Sometimes it takes a crisis to bring out the best in people and show gratitude for what’s important.

Examples from recent days show what we produce consistently:

Detroit rent strike: Exclusive reporting by Violet Ikonomova on a coronavirus-related action by tenants of 10 rental homes in the Islandview neighborhood. 

Part of our photojournalist's gallery from the state capital Thursday. (Photo: Michael Lucido)

Lansing protest: From Thursday's anti-shutdown rally outside the Capitol, Michael Lucido posted a dramatic Facebook Live video that includes a protester with his ax. Lucido's photo gallery was part of our real-time coverage.

Elderly Covid victims: Investigative reporter Charlie LeDuff, a frequent contributor, uncovered startling lapses in state record-keeping and monitoring of elderly nursing home residents with Covid-19.

Detroit swab-test accuracy: Quick-result Covid testing technology from Abbott, used by Detroit since early April and hailed by the mayor as "a game-changer," missed 48% of positive cases in a medical center's study found by Ikonomova. 

We hope you agree journalism such as that is important to preserve as an alternative Michigan news source. We’re asking anyone who reads us regularly and values our coverage to help support it at a monthly membership level or by joining with a one-time contribution.

Join here now so we can stay focused on serving your needs.

Thanks for being part of our reader community. Stay safe.

-- Deadline Detroit team

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Photo Of The Day 

Potd_img_5078_598 A message from Grand Trunk Pub during the protests of the killing of George Floyd

By: Michael Lucido