Detroit Medical Center cardiac technician loses job after posting about mask defiance

July 23, 2020, 11:02 AM by  Alan Stamm

Actions can have consequences, particularly anti-face mask posts while working at a hospital. 

Gabrielle Glowacki, 31, surely regrets popping off last week at a private Facebook group created July 10 and named Mask Mob ("We say no to mask").

She was one of seven administrators of the 911-member forum, where she posted a photo of her in scrubs with a pale blue surgical mask pulled below her pursed lips. "Unless I'm doing a procedure I wear my mask like this around the hospital because I'm an asshole and fuck your mask lol no one has said anything," Glowacki boasted.

Until a few days ago, she was a cardiovascular invasive specialist at Detroit Medical Center. Technicians in that position help physicians insert and guide a small tube called a catheter through blood vessels into the heart or other parts of the cardiovascular system.

As it turns out, an inflitrator accepted into Mask Mob tweeted a screenshot last Thursday of Glowacki's defiant photo and two other anti-mask posts by her and asked: "As Covid-19 surges everywhere is this who @DMC_Heals wants working with patients?"

A hospital social media manager responded about two hours later: "Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We will look into this matter."

Brian Taylor, the medical center's head of communications and media relations, tells Deadline Detroit on Thursday: "This individual is no longer an employee of the DMC. In keeping with our infection control protocols all DMC employees are required to wear a mask at all DMC facilities for the protection of our staff, patients, visitors and themselves."

Privacy and personnel procedures make him stop shy of confirming why she was taken off the payroll a few days ago, but the timing speaks clearly.

"Mask Mob" posts this atop its private Facebook page.

Glowacki, whose LinkedIn page says she lives in Madison Heights, graduated from high school in 2007 in the northern Oakland County community of Ortonville. She has online degrees in holistic health science and natural medicine from Quantum University.

Anti-mask outspokenness includes this activity last Thursday on her personal Facebook page, which she renamed or deactivated after this article was posted:

  • A post urging 1,223 followers to "join the movement" at a private group formed three months ago as "Stand Up Michigan to Unlock Michigan."

  • A link to a "Recall Whitmer" rally July 29 outside the Capitol.

  • A post exhorting "KNOW YOUR RIGHTS," linked to a Daily Caller article about how "governments don't have the authority to mandate mask-wearing."

  • A reposted cartoon captioned "You can use anything for a mask because it's not about safety, it's about compliance."

Glowacki joined DMC last November after more than two years working locally and in Lansing for a contract medical staffing agency. Her career began in Livonia seven years ago as a medical assistant and then as a cardiac monitor technician at St. Mary's Hospital in that suburb.

The Metro Detroiter presents her stance against state mask requirements last week in a Mask Mob post that ends with a dramatic comparison:

Somebody please show me where in the Constitution, or a law, does it say that an individual is responsible for somebody else's health?

Why are they trying to force us to diminish our quality of life, our individual rights and freedom because "other people could potentially catch a virus" that has a 99% survival rate?

If somebody gets in a car accident while not wearing a seatbelt, do they blame the other driver? If somebody gets in a shootout and [is] shot while not wearing a bulletproof vest, do they blame the shooter?

I'm only responsible for myself and my child. If I catch a cold or any illness, I don't blame other people. I take responsibility for myself and say "I should've had my immune system up to par. I could've been a little less stressed out, took care of myself a little better, protected myself a little more" -- not blame others because they didn't wear a mask.

For the first time in my life, I feel my rights as a free citizen being violated. I grew up believing the Constitution protected us and held value.

This feels like a form of rape.

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