Deadline Detroit Membership Prize Winners for November

November 25, 2020, 10:03 AM

As always, we thank all the folks who've signed up for the Deadline Detroit Membership program. Every bit of support helps us deliver local news seven days a week.

At Deadline Detroit we have no sacred cows, which means our reporters are free to pursue stories regardless of the company or person. That also means places like Beaumont Health, which we've reported on extensively, will never advertise with us. Ditto for organizations like the Ilitch group. 

So, that makes your support all the more important so we can continue to report on pressing issues of the day, regardless of the consequences. 

As part of the membership program, we randomly select winners for monthly prizes through computer-generated numbers. This month we're giving away three $20 Amazon gift certificates. 

Below are the latest recipients. If you're not a member, SIGN UP HERE. It's only $3 a month, though some give more or one-time donations.

November winners: 

► Robert Morgan

► Amber Sitko 

► Carl Erickson 

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Photo Of The Day 

Beautiful winter sunset over Northwest Detroit.

By: Violet Ikonomova