As 2020 ticks away, consider a membership to Deadline Detroit

December 31, 2020, 3:00 PM

Lordy, what a year it's been. We at Deadline Detroit went into 2020 with our usual energy -- Michigan winter spirit mixed with anticipation of a presidential election year that'd be livelier than usual.  


Then one of our staffers went on vacation and came back to the office wearing a mask. From there, it was one domino after another. We communicated solely via texts, emails and calls. You probably did the same thing. 

The news started coming faster and got crazier. A pandemic became an economic catastrophe, which somehow spawned a plot to kidnap the governor. An upcoming election became a campaign like no other, which became an even crazier post-election mudbath. Police brutality in another city led to more than 100 days of marches in this one. 

Through it all, we kept up. Working from home, we did our best to sort it out and make sense of it for you. Along the way, we had some successes, too. (You no longer read about Beaumont Health merging with Advocate Aurora, do you?)

So this is the point where we put our hand out and ask: Is this worth anything to you?

Our site is free and will remain so, but reader support helps pay the bills and pay the staff doing all this work on your behalf. A Deadline Detroit membership, or even a one-time contribution, can go a long way toward sustaining a news site that marks its ninth anniversary next April.

If so, click here to get started. And thanks. We appreciate it. 

-- Deadline Detroit staff

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