Covid's second wave hits nearly 1,400 kids in Michigan's U.P.

January 04, 2021, 7:25 AM


Covid is making its presence known in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

In the second wave, 1,388 school children have contracted Covid, compared to 149 in the previous seven months, according to a joint report by the Detroit Free Press and the Center for Investigative Journalism, Columbia University:

Michigan's Upper Peninsula turned into a Covid-19 hot spot during the latest surge as nearly 1,400 children got sick from the virus, overall infections tripled and deaths spiked even more — all while many infected Yoopers went to work, church and weddings when they were symptomatic, ignored social distancing and refused to cooperate with contact tracers, according to new data obtained through open records requests.

In the last two and a half months alone, more than 13,500 people in the U.P. contracted the novel coronavirus, a three-fold increase since the pandemic began in March, the data shows. The death toll during this second wave was even starker: 337 dead in 10 weeks, compared to 46 deaths in the previous seven months.

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