GOP state Rep. Matt Maddock and wife Meshawn join Facebook group discussing new civil war

January 12, 2021, 8:37 AM

Two members of Milford Conservatives Matter, a three-day-old Facebook group, are better-known than the other 523 who belong.

They are state Rep. Matt Maddock and his wife Meshawn Maddock, in line to be co-chair of the Michigan Republican Party. At the new social media discussion area, "members have discussed the possibility of a civil war, decried a ban on open carry inside the state Capitol and hope for a 'big cleanup' of elected leaders," the Detroit Free Press observes.

Matt and Meshawn Maddock (Photo: Facebook/2018)

The Maddocks, who own a Milford bail bond company, haven't posted substantively there beyond a "thank you for this" greeting from her.

Freep coverage by Clara Hendrickson is derided at the online group as "news propaganda garbage," "a piece of crap article" and "more fake news from liberal press." U.S. Navy veteran Jacob Dimick comments: "The media is trying to HURT anyone and everyone who has ties to Trump. It's sickening."

Group founder Ed Swadish, owner of Huron Valley Guns in Milford, says he created the discussion forum because he's "sick and tired of the liberal crap on the other Milford sites." He changed its status from public to private on Tuesday morning as the Freep coverage generated unwelcome attention.

The paper adds context for reporting on the politically active couple:

The Maddocks have played a leading role in the effort to overturn Michigan's election results, and the two were in Washington, D.C., when the president's supporters stormed the Capitol building in a deadly assault last Wednesday.

Meshawn Maddock helped organize buses bringing Michigan Trump supporters to Washington, and she and her husband spoke during a rally of Trump supporters the day before the violent mob attacked the Capitol. ...

Neither responded to requests for comment Monday on the Facebook group the couple joined.


Rep. Maddock promotes himself with the slogan "your guard dog in Lansing."

These are among 27 comments in a Saturday thread about whether members "think we are going to be in a civil war:"

  • "I sure hope so."

  • "It looks more like it every day."

  • "I hope not, but as always I'm locked and loaded."

  • "Praying it doesn’t happen, but ready if it does."

  • "Plenty of ammo -- bring it!"

  • "Yup, we're ready."

  • "It's what they want."

  • "Absolutely."

  • "I bet the guys with the guns would win over the guys with the pet unicorns."

  • "We’ve been under siege since the day government locked us down. If we don't fight against this now, it will be a very long time before America knows Freedom again, if ever."

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