National Guard at Michigan Capitol? Whitmer vows all 'necessary security'

January 12, 2021, 3:24 PM

A demonstrator at a May event in Lansing. (Photo: Michael Lucido)

Michigan officials are hoping to prevent a storming of the Capitol like last week's in Washington with increased security measures for Lansing rallies planned for Sunday and Inauguration Day. 

That could mean deploying the National Guard to the Jan. 17 and 20 demonstrations. Following a request for troops by Lansing's mayor ("we must prepare for the worst"), Whitmer's office told MLive it is closely monitoring the planned events “and will ensure that the necessary security measures are in place.”

According to MLive, Michigan State Police this week increased their visible security presence at the Capitol. The agency said it's aware of demonstrations planned for Jan. 17. The FBI has said its preparing for demonstrations at all U.S. state capitols Jan. 20.

Lansing police also promise an increased presence, and say they'll be coordinating with MSP, Capitol security and federal law enforcement.

The state Capitol Commission on Monday voted to ban open carrying throughout much of the building, but Attorney General Dana Nessel warns the building remains unsafe.

"Let’s be clear — the recent rule passed by the Michigan Capitol Commission banning the open carry of firearms does not impose a mechanism to check to confirm that people carrying a concealed weapon are licensed CPL holders," she wrote on Twitter. "That means anyone-irrespective of criminal history, membership with an anti-government org, or stated intention to harm government employees can still enter the Capitol fully locked and loaded with firearms or explosive devices hidden by clothing, backpacks, etc.

"My job is not to provide state employees and residents or other visitors to our Capitol with a false sense of security, especially given the current state of affairs in Michigan and around the nation," she added. "I repeat — the Michigan Capitol is not safe.

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