'Pro tips:' Barb McQuade tweets more about Trump lawyers in Senate trial

February 13, 2021, 1:53 PM

Professor Barb McQuade gives poor grades to Donald Trump's defense attorneys in the Senate impeachment trial.

Barb McQuade: "The Bill of Rights is not a suicide pact." (Photo: MSNBC)

McQuade, who joined the University of Michigan Law School faculty in May 2017 after seven years as head of the U.S. attorney's office in Detroit, calls out an "insulting and offensive tactic" Friday by lawyers representing the twice-impeached former president:

Trump’s lawyers argue that his critics simply suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome, an old ploy used by abusers to blame the victim and avoid responsibility for their own misconduct. 

She sees long-range value in the proceedings that began Tuesday, despite the widely expected result. It's "an important accounting of Trump's efforts to subvert democracy. Even if Senate acquits, history will have a record of what happened here," she tweeted Thursday night.

While watching from Ann Arbor during defense arguments that took less than three hours, the former University of Detroit Mercy School of Law professor (2003-09) tweeted a series of brisk critiques Friday.

She's back at it Saturday, as added at the end of this compilation of the court veteran's frank views. The first is about lawyer Michael van der Veen:

The pithy entry below echoes a classic phrase from a 1949 opinion by Supreme Court Justice Robert Jackson, who urged five colleagues not to "convert the constitutional Bill of Rights into a suicide pact." McQuade's use is apt, as the 5-4 decision back then involved a suspended Catholic priest charged with disturbing the peace for a virulently anti-Semitic speech that incited Chicago rioting and vandalism. In his dissent, Jackson said the tirades exceeded boundaries of protected discourse.    

Saturday tweets:

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