Fourth woman claims Macomb Prosecutor Lucido touched her inappropriately

March 23, 2021, 1:52 PM

Then-Sen. Pete Lucido left office in 2020 to become Macomb County prosecutor, but also under a cloud, after three women claimed the Republican was inappropriately handsy with, or made similarly inappropriate comments about them, on separate occasions in Lansing. Majority leader Mike Shirkey responded by stripping Lucido of one of his chairmanships, and the incidents quickly faded from the news. 

Macomb Prosecutor Pete Lucido (Photo: Facebook/Darlene Thompson)

Now comes a fourth woman, an Ingham County judge, with a similar story. 

Michigan Advance reports:

Ingham County Judge Lisa McCormick said in an interview with the Advance this month that then-state Sen. Peter Lucido (R-Shelby Twp.) in 2019 inappropriately touched her during a formal meeting.

The incident happened in 2019, after a pro forma meeting with individual legislators after McCormick's appointment to lead the Michigan Office of Children’s Ombudsman, McCormick said. 

As the meeting ended, McCormick said that Lucido gave her an inappropriate “big bear hug, a tight hug,” as she described it, that made her feel “uncomfortable.”

“I had never met him before this meeting,” McCormick told the Advance in a March 11 interview. “I had no prior contact or communication with him. If I were a man, he would have never done that. … I wanted to leave his office as quickly as possible.”

Both McCormick and Lucido had staffers present at the time. Lucido didn't return requests for comment. 

McCormick said she is coming forward now "because if I don’t speak up then how is anything ever going to change? And how is it going to be better for my daughter?"

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