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Detroit rapper to open 'Toney Island' restaurant featuring Waddup Doe Burger

March 23, 2021, 11:28 PM

A locally famous Detroit rapper is turning his focus to food, with plans to open a Coney Island named for him and a burger named for one of the songs that put him on the map.

Metro Times reports that Tone-Tone, 37, will open "Toney Island" at 13000 E. Warren Ave. on Saturday, with a Waddup Doe burger on the menu — a la his his mid-Aughts hit, What Up Doe — plus Berry Gordy chicken and waffles, and a spicy chili named for the east side street where he grew up. Many items advertise some sort of twist, like a special "Toney sauce" or "secret seasoning."

In addition to the menu, Tone-Tone tells MT the establishment will keep Detroit front and center, with themed decor and music made in the city: 

“When you walk in, there will be pictures on the wall,” he says. “It will be some classic album pictures of me, and pictures of Aretha, Berry Gordy, Smokey Robinson, and the Temptations on one side. And on the other would be another wall, featuring the fallen soldiers of Detroit that died, like Blade Icewood and Proof. So, I'm gonna keep all kinds of vibes like Detroit music and Motown music.”

Tone-Tone says the coney concept is a longtime dream.

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