Detroit judge threatens to jail construction worker who showed up for remote court in uniform

May 05, 2021, 10:26 AM

(Photo: Screenshot, Fox 2)

Remote court doesn't mean remote apparel for Detroit Judge Ronald Giles.

The 36th District Court judge upbraided a defendant who appeared at a virtual hearing dressed in neon at a construction job, telling him: "I don't do T-shirts in my courtroom.

"When you come to court, you dress for court. Because in my court, if you don't dress for court, I'm gonna dress you, which means I send you to Wayne County Jail and they dress you."

When a woman in the remote court room piped up on the man's behalf, Giles told her: "I suggest you shut your mouth and not be about another case or you gonna end up locked up."

Reached for comment by Fox 2, the court's chief judge called what transpired "not a good look."

"That’s not normally how court cases are conducted," said William McConico. "I would say that a lot of judges would have made an exception because his work attire is construction. This is my work attire, you’re in yours. We are all in different professions."

McConico said he would meet with the judges to discuss the incident, but that Giles did not break any rules.

It's unclear who the defendant was and what he was in court for.

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