Donut-spinning Dodge Charger driver arrested after getaway

May 28, 2021, 12:21 PM by  Violet Ikonomova

We hope it was fun while it lasted, but the driver of the Dodge Charger whose drifting antics went viral yesterday has been arrested, Fox 2 Detroit reports

What's more, the driver was said to be on probation at the time, so he's probably going back to jail, too. 

Police didn't release a name or any other details. Be advised as well: The Detroit Police Department now has a drag racing detail, part of its Organized Crime Unit. So far, they've made 80 arrests and nearly that many gun confiscations.

Original story below:

It appears the Chargers have won their latest battle with Detroit police.

Newly posted social media video shows a black Charger spinning a donut around a seemingly helpless police SUV on Gratiot near Van Dyke. The SUV sits stationary, its lights and sirens activated, as the rogue, plateless vehicle swings 'round. Another police SUV is seen frozen on the periphery as the driver takes off.

Detroit police are typically only permitted to give chase in the case of a violent felony — which the department has said makes it difficult to get a handle on culprit drivers wreaking havok on Detroit. In recent months, Charger drivers have killed at least two people — an elderly man and a little boy — and crashed into at least one business. They've also blocked off main roads for drag racing.

The department could not immediately provide information on this particular incident.

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