Fatal shooting and limo-jacking: Detroit cops work to unravel wild Memorial Day night downtown

June 01, 2021, 8:20 AM

Nearby violence interrupted post-midnight holiday revelry at a nightclub in Detroit's Rivertown-Warehouse District early Tuesday.

The nightclub on Woodbridge Street is just west of St. Aubin Street. (Photo: Facebook/Society Detroit)

Fox 2 News describes what it calls "the hectic situation ... near the Society Detroit, a nightclub on Woodbridge Street:"

Detroit police are investigating the potential connection between a deadly shooting near downtown and the carjacking of a party bus early Tuesday morning. ...

Around [1:30 a.m.], police received several reports of gunshots in the area, which includes St. Aubin Street, just next to Jefferson and a block away from the riverfront.

Police that responded to the scene say a fight had broken out near the club, which resulted in gunfire. They also observed a man lying dead in the street. He's been identified as a Black man in his 20s.

Amid the confusion, another scene was playing out nearby when a party bus driver said armed men demanded that he hand over his [empty] party bus. He agreed. ... The bus was later found in Highland Park.

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