Detroit News pens paywalled editorial urging Danny Fenster's freedom

June 09, 2021, 9:40 AM

Perhaps The Detroit News assumed the Myanmar "strong men" called out in its latest editorial were already subscribers. Or maybe it just wanted to stick it to Democrat Joe Biden, who has failed to secure metro Detroit native and Myanmar journalist Danny Fenster's release.

Whatever the agenda, here's a snippet of the paywalled Wednesday column calling to free Fenster, who was jailed for his reporting activity as he attempted to leave the country two weeks ago:

The U.S. State Department is attempting to work with officials in Myanmar to free Fenster and another American journalist, Nathan Maung, who was arrested in March. There has been no cooperation.

The detention of Fenster and Maung is unacceptable. While state department officials have been allowed to hold a virtual visit with Maung, a similar visit with Fenster has not happened.

Fenster has not been allowed to talk with a lawyer or to U.S. consular officials.

Certainly, the strongmen now in control of Myanmar have a right to expel Americans from the country if they choose. But it is a violation of international law to prevent the citizen of another nation from leaving without due process.

Fenster, under international law, is not a criminal. He was simply doing the job he was hired to do — journalism. He was the managing editor of Myanmar Frontier, a highly respected publication.

The internal affairs of Myanmar are not the United States' business. But the safety of its citizens is. The Biden administration must send a strong and clear message that the detention of Fenster and other Americans will not be tolerated.

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