'It's gross:' Don't do this, Michigan State police advise with photo that amuses Twitter

June 28, 2021, 7:51 AM

Update, Monday morning: I-94 in Dearborn and Detroit is expected to remain closed Monday morning during rush hour because of flooding. Authorities brace for possibly heavy rain Monday and Tuesday.

Sunday article:

Unidentified Detroit highway on Sunday morning. (Photo: Michigan State Police)

Metro Detroit's state police post shares a warning one of its social media managers "never thought I would have to say: Do not go into the water" that submerges freeways, even on an 88-degree Sunday.

"This water has debris, sharp metal, submerged cars, gasoline and oil floating in it," the agency tweets with its photo below. "There is also a good chance that there is sewage also in the water. In other words it’s gross!"

Parts of most area highways, except the Southfield Freeway, remained barricaded a day after unusually heavy rain swamped the region early Saturday.

The bizarre pathetic highway wading scene opens the door for an online open-mic club as amateur comics test one-liners. These are among over 50 comments on the troopers' thread:

♦ "Studies show that swimming on the freeway brings a 99% chance of later attending a Kid Rock concert." -- Christy Strawser, Royal Oak

♦ "Nothing can stop the Jobbie Nooner!" -- Scott Held

♦ "These people will tell you all about the reasons they're not getting vaccinated, though." -- Andrew McFarlane

♦ "This is like in Seinfeld when Kramer starts swimming in the East River." -- Christopher Weigl

♦ "Are jet skis accptable?" -- Colin K.

♦ "Say what you want about Detroit, but at least officials are upfront and honest when people are being stupid. 'You're swimming in actual shit, get out of there!" -- Aiden

♦ "Have you ever heard of Charles Drawin?" -- Charles West

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