Romulus mayor repays $20,000 after using campaign cash as a personal piggy-bank

July 10, 2021, 10:39 AM

Political donors unknowingly covered a $4,500 open-bar tab at the wedding of Romulus Mayor LeRoy Burcroff's daughter Nancy, as well as nearly $15,000 dropped into collection baskets at Community United Methodist Church.

LeRoy Burcroff, Romulus mayor since 2014 (Photo: Facebook, 2019)

That's almost surely frowned on by state election regulators, the elected official now acknowledges though his lawyer, Ross Jones discloses at WXYZ. The money is back in his political fund to avert potential action, the attorney adds.

Since earlier this year, Burcroff’s campaign has been under investigation by the Michigan Secretary of State. The investigation was prompted by a complaint outlining a series of expenses. ...

[Lawyer Daniel] Wholihan said Burcroff initially received advice from an attorney that the expenses were appropriate, but understands now that the Secretary of State may disagree.

Earlier this year, Burcroff said announced he would not seek re-election.

Wholihan conceded that the Belleville Yacht Club wedding liquor bill created "poor optics."

He said Burcroff has since repaid the nearly $5,000 expense to his campaign. ... Still, his attorney argued the wedding also doubled as a campaign event, since many of those attending the wedding had also worked on his campaign. ...

But as for Burcroff's membership [fees totaling $3,800] at the Belleville Yacht Club and a Jeep Wrangler he paid for with campaign funds, the mayor said he won't be paying anything back for those. Both, he said through his lawyer, were only used to further his campaign duties or his duties as mayor.

Burcroff, 57, is a lifelong Romulus resident first elected in November 2013. In his city bio, the mayor promises "integrity-driven leadership."

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