Poll shows Michiganders split on mask mandates as Whitmer remains opposed

August 24, 2021, 11:00 PM


A new poll conducted for the Detroit Free Press by firm EPIC-MRA shows Michiganders are about evenly split on resurrecting mask mandates, but oppose requiring vaccinations by a 3-2 margin. 

Of the 600 people surveyed, 52% favor a mandate to wear masks while indoors, while 44% opposed it. But only 33% favor a government vaccine mandate, compared with the 61% who would oppose such a move.

The majority support mask rules in almost every setting, from flying on airplanes, to going to work, to attending in-person classes. Opposition to vaccine requirements in specific scenarios — like attending in-person college classes or indoor concerts — was less fervent, but in no case did a majority of those polled support any such rule.

The poll, taken Aug. 9-15, has an error margin of 4 percentage points. 

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has repeatedly rejected the idea of bringing back masking rules, even with school set to resume and Michigan Covid cases on the rise due to the ultra-contagious Delta variant. Under CDC guidance, cases are high enough in all but two of Michigan's 83 counties that everyone, regardless of vaccination status, should be wearing masks indoors to prevent spread.

Vaccine mandates also appear to be a nonstarter, even though the Biden administration has instated them for federal employees and the Food & Drug Administration just granted full clearance for the vaccine, which was previously only granted an emergency use authorization.

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