Trump's Grip on Michigan Republicans May be Slipping, Straw Poll Indicates

September 26, 2021, 12:45 AM

Ex-President Trump

The tweets are gone. Hope of proving voter fraud in the state seems to be seriously diminishing. And the power of his endorsement is becoming less clear.

That being said, the influence of President Donald Trump among Michigan Republicans appears to have waned, a straw poll of attendees at the Mackinac Republican Leadership Conference on Mackinac Island suggests, according to the Detroit News, which reports:

The unscientific survey of a little more than 740 Republicans, sponsored by The Detroit News, showed more people voted for other potential Republican candidates than they did for the former president when asked whom they would support. Trump still got the majority of votes with 47.5 percent, with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis coming in second with about 25 percent of the vote.

"This poll suggests that Donald Trump's grip on the party is not quite as tight as people think," Detroit News columnist Nolan Finley said. "I doubt anyone would have expected his support would have been under 50% with this crowd."

The poll was sponsored by the Detroit News, whose editorial page leans heavily Republican, but has never been a big fan of Trump. 

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