13 Metro Detroit schools have 57 new Covid cases this past week

October 11, 2021, 9:12 PM

Fifty-seven new Covid cases at 13 schools in the tricounty Detroit area are in a weekly state report, a jump from 42 cases at 10 schools the previous week.

The largest new outbreak involves 11 pupil and staff infections at Troy Wattles Elementary School, followed by seven positive diagnoses at Miami Elementary in Macomb's Clinton Township -- also spanning students and adults.

(Photo: The White House)

Statewide, the Department of Health and Human Services lists 83 new Covid outbreaks among schools and universities. Three dozen elementary schools report new outbreaks of three or more cases. according to The Detroit News.

Last month, state health officials changed how they identify and classify outbreaks in schools, using a new standard of three cases or 10% of students or staff. The previous definition — in place until Sept. 27 — had a lower outbreak definition threshold, requiring two or more Covid-19 cases associated with a school.

These 11 other Metro Detroit schools are on the list posted Monday:

  • Dearborn Heights: Crestwood High, 4 students and staff
  • Berkley: Angell Elementary, 4 pupils and staff
  • Commerce Township: Country Oaks Elementary, 3 pupils
  • West Bloomfield: Keith Elementary, 3 pupils
  • Roseville: Kaiser Elementary, 5 pupils and staff
  • New Baltimore: Ashley ERichmond High Schoollementary, 3 pupils
  • Shelby Township: Eisenhower High, 3 students
  • Sterling Heights: Havel Elementary, 4 pupils and staff
  • Clinton Township: Ottawa Elementary, 3 pupils and staff
  • Fraser: Richards Middle School, 3 students
  • Richmond High: 4 students and staf

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