Pet Hoarder's Son Brings Nearly 500 Parakeets to Macomb Shelter

December 26, 2021, 10:57 AM

"They will all need vet care." (Photo: Detroit Animal Welfare Group) 

The son of an animal hoarder dropped off nearly 500 parakeets to a Macomb County animal shelter just before Christmas.

Kelley LeBonty, director of the Detroit Animal Welfare Group in Bruce Township, tells the Detroit Free Press that the son initially called to say he'd bring off up to 80 birds from his father's house. The unidentified man showed up with 497 in his pickup and planned to drop off 50 more.

"He had them all in seven cages," LeBonty said. “A very tight fit. ... They were very very stressed.

"They were barely moving. We had to get them out and into different cages."

The shelter posts on Facebook:

We were in shock also, but could not turn them away as they were all crammed in 7 cages and smothering each other and needed immediate help. Thank you to a great team that were able to quickly set up proper temporary housing and miraculously we just had parakeet food donated.

These birds came from a very unhealthy situation and  the irresponsibility of the owner is infuriating. However, it truly takes a village to help these animals and we are so thankful for everyone that works together to get them the care and proper homes they deserve.

If you would like to donate to help these birds ... they will all need vet care, housing and food for their 7-15 year lifespan.

Contact the shelter by email, at (586) 354-8500 Monday or via this message form.

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