Some 911 callers don't get what emergency means, suburban Detroit fire chief complains

January 12, 2022, 6:07 PM

A western Wayne County fire chief tells his community something obvious: Don't call 911 about Covid concerns, tooth pain or a stubbed toe.

"Please reserve calling 911 for true emergencies," Kevin Krause, director of fire services and emergency management in Romulus, posts at his department's Facebook page. "As we ... respond to all requests for emergency services, we ask that you understand the Fire Department also is being taxed due to the second wave of Covid and our staffing levels are down due to Covid infections."

(Photos: City of Romulus)

The three examples above were actual calls, Krause tells The News Herald weekly newspaper. So was a request for paramedics to do a routine check of pulse, blood pressure and respiration rate. 

The [social media] post was made shortly after four firefighters went out with Covid-19 and the department already was down two firefighters. ...

Krause said the public has almost been over-trained to call 911 for [many] situations, saying callers are focused on the "call 911" part and not on the "in the event of an emergency" part. He said it's a national issue. ...

The fire chief said calling 911 for fear of a positive Covid test is ill-advised and will not get a test done any faster.

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