One-day, midsummer heat wave forecast for Friday

May 19, 2022, 8:19 AM

If your heat kicked on Thursday morning, never fear: Your air-conditioning will get its chance tomorrow. 

Has high blood pressure got a hold on me or is this the way May's supposed to be? (Photo: YouTube)

A strong heat wave is headed our way, and temperatures Friday afternoon are forecast to be in the mid to upper 80s. But that heat is being chased by a cold front, so severe thunderstorms are possible, along with a more temperate Saturday. 

Yes, it's crazy-spring-weather season in Michigan. 

The Detroit News reports:

"Forecast remains ripe with uncertainty," the National Weather Service says, "but organized cells and/or clusters of thunderstorms can develop in this environment one way or another Friday afternoon and/or evening.

"The primary threat with thunderstorms will be heavy rainfall, damaging wind gusts and large hail."

The severe weather chance is slightly higher in west and mid-Michigan into the northern regions of the Lower Peninsula, where "straight line winds would be the main threat," the weather agency says.

Time to enjoy some Martha & the Vandellas:


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