Gallery: The Angry and the Jubilant Side of Roe v Wade in Metro Detroit. 'Thank You Jesus and Trump.'

June 25, 2022, 10:50 AM

Demonstrators in downtown Detroit (Photo by Rebecca Cook)

It didn't take long for abortion rights advocates to hit the streets in Detroit and elswhere around the country on Friday to express outrage over the Supreme Court's ruling knocking down Roe v. Wade.

In downtown Detroit around 5 p.m., protesters, mostly women, marched through the streets with signs that included "Keep Abortion Legal" and "I'm Fucking Mad." 

Meanwhile, happy pro-life protesters stood outside with signs at a Planned Parenthood office on Farmington Road in Livonia. One woman held a sign: "Roe is Dead. Thank you Jesus & Trump."

                   Photos by Rebecca Cook

Pro-life protesters at Planned Parenthood in Livonia

Richard Mucha, 79, holding crucifix outside Livonia Planned Parenthood (Photo: Rebecca Cook)

Police in downtown Detroit during the demonstration

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