'They won't do anything': Detroit cop killer's mom pleaded for help with troubled son

July 22, 2022, 12:01 PM

Davis on police bodycamera video weeks before he killed Courts. (Screengrab: WXYZ)

Years before he killed Detroit Police Officer Loren Courts with an assault weapon, Ehmani Davis had begun to exhibit mental health issues that prompted his exasperated mother to repeatedly call police and ask he be committed to a hospital.

Eastpointe police records and video obtained by WXYZ show Davis, who died at 19 after shooting Courts, had at least seven encounters with police since 2019. That year, when his mother called officers to their home for help with a violent episode, she told them she'd already tried sending him to boot camp and dropping him off at a police precinct.

No help arrived by May 30, 2022, the day after Davis reportedly purchased the Draco he would used to kill Courts five weeks later. Police were then called because Davis was acting belligerent. The young man is seen shirtless and ranting in body camera footage, and threatens to kill his brother.

"He's been having these problems since he was a teenager," his mother says. "Every time I call the police, try to get help from the state, because he's not threatening to kill me or himself, or because he's not on drugs ... they won't do anything."

According to WXYZ, Davis was subsequently charged with disturbing the peace and was due to appear in court the week of Courts' killing.

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