The lonely man: Ryan Kelley still refusing to concede gubernatorial primary loss

August 04, 2022, 6:53 AM

The day after a primary election is, traditionally, a time for losing candidates to graciously concede, congratulate the winner and pledge to support him or her in the fall. 

Ryan Kelley (File photo)

But most losing candidates are not Republican gubernatorial hopeful, and loser, Ryan Kelley, who is still pouting.

Fourth-place finisher Kelley told Michigan Advance that "unprecedented oddities" suggest he didn't lose fair and square:

He claimed, without evidence, that Dixon’s win was the Michigan GOP’s “preferred and predetermined outcome,” and called for a “publicly supervised hand recount.”

Kelley's position is based on the accidental release, several days before the election, of false election totals showing Tudor Dixon winning the race. At least two Michigan TV stations mistakenly published the results, which were a routine test of their election-reporting systems, on their websites. This led conspiracy theorists on social media to claim the fix was in. The Associated Press reports it was simply a mistake.

Kelley told the Advance via text message:

“While I can certainly accept a fair election result, we must question why multiple media outlets released similar election results weeks before the election, long before Donald Trump endorsed any candidate,” Kelley said.

“… At a time when election integrity has been a major concern, these unprecedented oddities deserve to be investigated. These are very reasonable questions that deserve answers,” he added.

Read more:  Michigan Advance

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