'The Week That Was:' OJ's Impact on America. Did Crumbley Judge Bow to Public Pressure?

April 12, 2024, 12:53 PM

Host Saeed Khan talks with guests, pollster Ed Sarpolus, attorneys Steve Fishman,  Bill Seikaly and Joel Sklar, labor and community activist Barb Ingalls and Deadline Detroit co-founder Allan Lengel.

They talk about:  OJ Simpson and his impact on America and race; Donald Trump and Kari Lake  go ambiguous on abortion stance; Could Trump get a hung jury in New York? Was the Crumbley parents' sentence appropriate and did the judge bow to public pressure?  Arizona Supreme Court Holds 1864 Near-Total Ban on Abortion Enforceable; Requiem for a Curmudgeon: Reflections on the end of Curb Your Enthusiasm; Schmuck of the Week.

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