Poll: 5% of Michigan Voters Endorse Violence If Presidential Candidate Loses, Even If Votes Counted 'Fairly'

May 28, 2024, 8:37 AM by  Allan Lengel

Jan. 6, 2021 at U.S. Capitol

Five percent of Michigan voters say violence is justified if their presidential candidate loses in 2024 even if the votes are counted "fairly," according to a poll published in The Detroit News. On the upside, 90 percent said it would not be justified in that case.

The poll conducted by Glengariff Group for the Detroit Chamber also reports that 35 percent of respondents said they believe threats or violence is justified under any circumstances in a democracy. 

"One thing we're seeing not just in this survey, but in a multitude of surveys, is voters no longer can agree on some basic facts. We are in this era of misinformation," pollster Richard Czuba, founder of the Glengariff Group who conducted the survey, tells the News. "And because we can't agree on facts, they can't analyze the basic fundamentals of what they're seeing in front of them."

The poll also finds that Michigan voters find their trust is declining in the institution of democracy, the value of a college education and the stability of the economy, even among those who say they're personally doing better than before the COVID pandemic, the News writes. 

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