'The Week That Was:' Can Anyone Take Away Joe Biden's Keys? Is Suspect's Testimony in Samantha Woll Case Credible?

July 05, 2024, 4:50 PM

Host Saeed Khan talks with guests, pollster Ed Sarpolus, attorneys Bill Seikaly, Steve Fishman and Joel Sklar; Beverly Watts, president of BME Consulting and former director of Wayne County Public Services Department, Labor, and community activist  veteran journalist Nancy Derringer and Deadline Detroit co-founder Allan Lengel.

They talk about: Should he stay or should he go? Dems debate Joe Biden remaining in the race;  Did Gov. Gretchen Whitmer say Biden can’t win Michigan?; SCOTUS Decides on Donald Trump's Immunity;  Trump calls for Liz Cheney treason trial and military tribunal; Defendant testifies in Samantha Woll murder trial; Was he credible? And Schmuck of the Week.

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