WDIV: 'Almost a Certainty' FBI Will Dig Up Land in Search for Jimmy Hoffa

February 17, 2013, 11:36 PM

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WDIV's Kevin Dietz reports that it's "almost a certainty" that the FBI will dig up land in Oakland Township where an ex-mobster claims Jimmy Hoffa's body is buried.

“Half the office wants to go today, the other half wants to wait a few weeks for better weather," Dietz reports. "No one is saying digging would be a waste of time.”

The ex-mobster Anthony Joseph Zerilli (pictured to the right) has told the feds, who have interviewed him on several occasions, that the late mobster Tony Giacalone told him that the body was buried on the land that was once owned by ex-Detroit mob boss Jack Tocco, WDIV reports.

The FBI has been embarrassed in the past when it followed up on tips and dug up land, only to come up empty handed.

 Zerilli, who went by the nickname “Tony Z,” followed his dad’s career path, rising to top spot in the local Mafia before heading to prison in 1974 for his hidden interest in two Las Vegas casinos. When he resurfaced on the outside five years later, he had been dethroned and demoted to a "capo" (captain) role.

Now frail, moving about with a walker, and residing in a senior community on Van Dyke in Sterling Heights, the 85-year-old says he's coming clean.

He's broke and is writing a book. Some have been skeptical of his claim, saying he's making the claims to make money.

But apparently the FBI finds it believable enough to follow up, Dietz reports.

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