George Cushingberry Tells Detroit News To 'Go To Hell,' Wants To Expand People Mover

January 07, 2014, 9:50 AM


The Detroit News editorial board didn't particularly care for City Council's selection of Brenda Jones as Council President. In an editorial published Tuesday morning the News called Jones an obstructionist who is in denial about the scope of Detroit's financial problems.

The paper also doesn't think much of new Council President Pro Tem Goerge Cushingberry, who it called "an old-school political operative." They also wrote that Cushingberry was the only Council President option worse than Jones.

Apparently, the animus is mutual because Cushingberry, between 4AM-5AM Tuesday morning according the timestamp, left this online comment in response to the News' editorial:

Dear Detroit News, Go to hell. Go straight to hell. Do not pass go and don't even think about collecting $200. Jones and Cush will lead the Push for an even Greater Detroit. #WeLoveDetroit

Usually when the word greater appears before a geographic place it means to suggest a larger geographic place, but it's doubtful Cushingberry wants to annex Ferndale or Dearborn. One assumes he means greater as a better Detroit which, as he explained in a follow-up comment, is a Detroit with an expanded People Mover.

In order to be a great city, we must think and act like a great city. This means protecting our employees from financial abuse and, upgrading city services. Regional and City Wide transportation through the expansion of the People Mover is one thing we will act on very soon. Mayor Duggan and the Council are on the same page when it comes to our city. Green Jobs are a must have for our citizens and this will happen very soon.

Ideas to expand the People Mover have been floated in the past and 2006 cost estimates for such a project ran between $150M-$200M. One assumes that cost would be in addition to the costs for the planned M1 Rail project, the proposed regional bus rapid transit system, and maintenance of the current bus service. 

If People Mover expansion is the new City Council's latest, greatest idea to save the city, then the Detroit News isn't likely to go broke penning anti-Council editorials any time soon.

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